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If you are looking for people based on their area of research or expertise, then please use our research expertise directory.

This directory holds contact details for all staff at the 5X社区视频. If you need to find a student email address, you can do this from any computer on campus, via the student directory.


To search the directory:

  • Choose the field (Surname, Location, etc) you wish to search from the Search Field drop-down box.
  • Type the name or location (or the first part of it) into the Search for box.
  • Click on search.

Location on campus refers to a member of staff's nominal physical location on the 5X社区视频 campus. Department refers to the academic or administrative department in which they work.

The search mechanism automatically expands truncated searches. For instance, searching the surname field for John will return details of people with the surname John, Johnson and Johnston.

Central Switchboard

T: 01273 606755
F: 01273 678335